We’d love a little feedback!

Hello friends and fans of NudgeMail. Been a while – like 3+ years – since we’ve written a blog post. In fact, it’s been so long since we’ve last blogged we had to go double-check people were still calling it blogging! We’re going to try to get a lot better at it, but we’re a little rusty.

As we’ve tweeted about from time to time recently, there’s a lot of work happening at NudgeMail now. Here’s what we’re working on (in no particular order):

  • Visual redesign – new and/or retouched logo, new NudgeMail email templates, and a new look and feel for the website too.
  • Rebuilt architecture – you may remember a few outages this past Summer (we do, ugh). we’ve been rebuilding the back-end system to handle much larger scale, and more uptime as well (because our current 99.99% uptime is just not enough!).
  • New features – whether it’s tiny new shortcuts or entire swaths of functionality (nudge a friend? YES!), there’s a lot more coming to NudgeMail this and next year!
  • Pro services – as many of you have asked/guessed/surmised, we’ll be turning on the payments system soon. BUT, we’ll have some very very special deals for our loyal users.  Also, there will always be a Free level of NudgeMail use available to all.

Right about now, we’d love to get some feedback on some candidate logo designs.  If you have 40-50 seconds free, click here to fill out our survey and let us know what you think!

Welcome to NudgeMail – VIDEO!

Here’s a neat video we made that shows people different ways to use NudgeMail. Hope you enjoy it!

If you want to make a NudgeMail video, drop us a link and we will show it off to the rest of our users.

The Next Web Profiles NudgeMail – VIDEO

The Next Web recently profiled NudgeMail in this Silicon Valley Uncovered video.

NudgeMail inventor Jeremy Toeman discusses email based reminders, natural language commands and “productive procrastination” in this segment.

We want to thank The Next Web for helping us spread the word about NudgeMail.

Daylight Savings Time – Problems and Fixes

Some users have reported email delivery issues related to the recent Daylight Savings Time change and we wanted to bring it to our community’s attention.

We recently learned that several email reminders that were set up before the time change and scheduled for delivery after the time change have arrived at incorrect times. To fix this, users need to recreate these reminders now. There is no automated fix that we can implement on our end. Any new NudgeMail email reminders are unaffected and many users will not experience any problems at all. The issue only involves older NudgeMails for some of our users.

If your reminders aren’t arriving as scheduled, make sure that we know your time zone. This will ensure that your mail always arrives on time.

To set you time zone, send an email to settings@NudgeMail.com.

NudgeMail will reply with a list of settings for you to customize.

Click the link under “time zone.”

Press the button to save your settings.

If you are experiencing this problem, you can email status@NudgeMail.com to see a list of all active NudgeMails. However, the status list will likely appear to show the correct time. Know that if the reminder was set before the time change date and you are experiencing the problem, it will arrive an hour late.

Keeping you on time and organized is our main goal at NudgeMail. We are working on improving our system so this type of issue does not happen again. Thanks to everyone who reported this issue – we appreciate your support.

Announcing the NudgeMail Widget

As a new company, a challenge we face is distribution and how to make sure people hear about us. After a NudgeMail user, well known tech journalist Rafe Needleman, asked if he could use NudgeMail to remind listeners to tune into his podcast, we realized not only was it possible, but a great way for people to hear about NudgeMail and try it out.

We’ve taken Rafe’s idea of linking to NudgeMail to remind listeners to tune in and created the NudgeMail Widget! The NudgeMail Widget adds a link to a web site that allows visitors to create a nudge that reminds them, via email, to check back in for new content at a certain day and time. This works great for NudgeMail because users don’t need to sign-up, login or learn how to do anything—simply send the email the widget creates.

Use the NudgeMail Widget to:

Remind your audience to tune in to your podcast
Help users remember to buy tickets for your show
Remind people who bought tickets to attend your event
Prompt readers to check your blog for new content

Starting today, you can create your own NudgeMail Widget for your site. With just a few simple steps, you can easily remind your visitors to listen to your podcast or watch your videos using NudgeMail.

To get started, visit www.nudgemail.com/widget, enter the date and time for the nudge, type the text you want in the subject line of the email from NudgeMail and copy the javascript to your page.