Nudgemail Updates – Now In Progress!

Dear Nudgers,

Thank you for your support over the years. For a long time many of you have heard “new stuff is coming” and, well, here it is. We’ve begun the server upgrade process, which will occur over the weekend of March 14th. During this time we don’t have a planned outage, but it is possible that we may see some downtime.

We’ve been hard at work on the “new Nudge” (don’t worry, mostly same as the old Nudge) for over 6 months now. During this time we’ve literally rebuilt the entire system on a more modern, more scalable, and more reliable architecture. This new platform will allow us to build more new features and services much more rapidly in the future. In the meanwhile, here’s what you should expect:

* More delivery accuracy: in the current Nudgemail you’ve probably noticed an 8am Nudge may arrive as late as 8:10am. In the new version, 8am means 8am. This is a huge improvement for those of you who rely on us for all of your to-do’s and reminders.
* Streamlined snoozebar: the original Nudge design was done over 4 years ago, with only minor tweaks since. Now get ready for a much simpler, cleaner, “flatter” look to all things Nudge. Further, if you ever need to forward a Nudged email, deleting the snoozebar from your Fwd will be much easier
* New logo! We love it, hope you will too.
* Mobile-friendly emails: The new template uses a “responsive design” and will look a lot better for anyone Nudging on their smart phones, or tablets, or watches (well, no guarantees on the watch – yet).
* Even less downtime: Since its launch in 2010, Nudgemail’s been up and running well over 99.99% of the time. But downtime as we know is painful. With the new platform, we expect even better performance moving forward.

It may take a few days to work all the kinks out of the new system. It’s really, really challenging to migrate our existing product to the new one, and not ask you to re-set all your Nudges, but we felt that was the only right way to go about things. So you may see a few oddities here and there, and not every Nudgemail command has the new template/logo on it yet. But if you have major problems, please let us know so we can get under the hood as fast as possible.

Also, as soon as we’re done with the full migration, we’ll get some new features coming your way. In addition to fixing Google Calendar integrations, we’ll be adding support for Attachments, launching a Chrome extension, offering an iPhone app, and more! We’ll share more updates about future plans as soon as we’re back to normal operations.

Thanks again for your support, your patience, and of, course, your Nudging!

Team Nudgemail

Google Calendar Temporary Disconnection

Hello fellow Nudgers! We have mixed news for you today, and, as is the way things are done, we’ll start with the bad.

Bad News: our integration with Google Calendar is disconnected, and will be until early 2015. GCal has gone through a recent technology change that requires significant labor on our end to make work properly.

Good News: this is only temporary, we are already working on it, and will be fixed.

We wish it could be fixed sooner and faster, but since we are so far along with our system updates, we have to wait until that’s complete first. Still targeting end of the year for that.

Sorry about the inconvenience, we know it’s been a popular feature for a lot of you. But go ahead, set a nudge for January and check back in to see when it’s fixed!

Also – for those of you who’ve asked if you can help us test the new features coming - yes – just give us a few more weeks to get them ready! Thanks again for the support!

We’d love a little feedback!

Hello friends and fans of NudgeMail. Been a while – like 3+ years – since we’ve written a blog post. In fact, it’s been so long since we’ve last blogged we had to go double-check people were still calling it blogging! We’re going to try to get a lot better at it, but we’re a little rusty.

As we’ve tweeted about from time to time recently, there’s a lot of work happening at NudgeMail now. Here’s what we’re working on (in no particular order):

  • Visual redesign – new and/or retouched logo, new NudgeMail email templates, and a new look and feel for the website too.
  • Rebuilt architecture – you may remember a few outages this past Summer (we do, ugh). we’ve been rebuilding the back-end system to handle much larger scale, and more uptime as well (because our current 99.99% uptime is just not enough!).
  • New features – whether it’s tiny new shortcuts or entire swaths of functionality (nudge a friend? YES!), there’s a lot more coming to NudgeMail this and next year!
  • Pro services – as many of you have asked/guessed/surmised, we’ll be turning on the payments system soon. BUT, we’ll have some very very special deals for our loyal users.  Also, there will always be a Free level of NudgeMail use available to all.

Right about now, we’d love to get some feedback on some candidate logo designs.  If you have 40-50 seconds free, click here to fill out our survey and let us know what you think!

Welcome to NudgeMail – VIDEO!

Here’s a neat video we made that shows people different ways to use NudgeMail. Hope you enjoy it!

If you want to make a NudgeMail video, drop us a link and we will show it off to the rest of our users.

The Next Web Profiles NudgeMail – VIDEO

The Next Web recently profiled NudgeMail in this Silicon Valley Uncovered video.

NudgeMail inventor Jeremy Toeman discusses email based reminders, natural language commands and “productive procrastination” in this segment.

We want to thank The Next Web for helping us spread the word about NudgeMail.