New Features (hello recurring nudges!) + Some Fixes

In just the few weeks since we launched NudgeMail, we’ve received an incredible amount of user feedback on how we can continue to improve our little email productivity tool. Today, we’re happy to announce some really cool additions to NudgeMail based on that feedback.

What we are announcing today represents only a small portion of the overall NudgeMail improvements that will arrive in the coming weeks, so be sure to check the NudgeMail blog frequently to hear all the latest and greatest news as it happens. You can also subscribe to our blog via email here.

Now, onto the good stuff…

Recurring reminders!

Many of our users have been asking us to build recurring/repeating reminders into NudgeMail. Well, you asked for ‘em, you got ‘em. Let’s say you want to be reminded daily to submit that darn expense report from a recent work trip – try sending it to What about a weekly reminder to pick up essential groceries? Yup, Need a reminder to call your parents every Friday? Just email We’ve made it easy for you to send recurring reminders hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or even to specific days of the week. Check out the new commands below:

  • hourly – (sends you a NudgeMail every hour on the hour)
  • daily – (sends you a NudgeMail every day at your designated nudge time*
  • weekly – (sends you a NudgeMail every Monday)
  • monthly – (sends you a NudgeMail on the 1st of every month)
  • yearly – (sends you a NudgeMail January 1st every year)
  • – (just put in your desired day of the week – monday, tuesday, wednesday, etc)**

* Your “nudge time” is set by default to 6:30 am. You can change your nudge time by emailing and including your new nudge time in the subject line (see an example)

**You can also use short-form day commands like “everyfri” or “everytues”

NOTE: Because of this new feature, we needed to change the daily status commands to (on) and (off).

Better Date Recognition

Throughout our Beta, we’ve learned that No two people write dates exactly the same way. So, we could either fight human nature or make our system even smarter – can you guess which way we went?

  • Go ahead and use slashes – You can now send commands using the formats (month/day/year) (e.g. 8/18/11 or Aug/18/11)
  • Hyphens are OK too – Yup, just send your email in the format (month-day-year) and you’re set (e.g.12-25-10 or Dec-25-10)
  • NOTE – International users must still turn on international mode before sending to an address that uses the day first. You can turn international mode on by emailing Once that’s done, you can send your emails to (day/month/year)

No More Colons Required

It used to be that, when you sent an email to and put your command in the subject line, you had to put a colon after the command so our system could tell the difference between your command and the subject line. Well, no more! Now you can send your email to, type your command in the subject line along with whatever you want to remember (“tomorrow pick up milk”) and your reminder will come back to you tomorrow with the subject “pick up milk”!

Use Noon for Those Lunchtime Reminders

Yup, we added – why don’t you give it a shot?

International Improvements

NudgeMail is catching on worldwide and we’ve received great feedback from our international users. We are cranking away at a number of fixes that are not quite in yet (24hr time commands is at the top of that list) but we are happy to announce that we’ve made significant improvements to make NudgeMail even better for users outside the US.

  • Date-specific emails can now be written in “day first” format. We made our system even smarter so you can now send us a command in the format,, or even
  • Improved recognition of international characters
  • Fixed confusing international date displays. If you have international mode turned on (email: the dates in your reminder will now be displayed with the day first.

Status Email Enhancements

Many of our users said they love our “” and “” commands, but they needed to see more of their subject lines to really know what NudgeMail they have pending. Well, we heard you and made this fix! Also, we noticed that some of you wanted to hit “send now” on an email in your status list, but didn’t want it removed from your queue. Well, now when you hit “send now”, you will receive your email immediately and it will remain queued up for your original reminder time.

Bonus Fixes

  • Improved recognition of short commands, different command spellings, and typos. NudgeMail can now understand when you type: “a”,  “a.m”,  “a,m “, “a.m.”,  “a,m,”,  “am”, “p”,  “p.m”,  “p,m”,  “p.m.”,  “p,m,”,  “pm”, “mo”,  “month”,  “mnth”,  “mnths”,  “months”, “w”,  “weeks”, “wks”,  “week”,  “wek”,  “weks”,  “weeek”,  “weeeks”, “d “, “day”,  “days”,  “dys”,  “dy”, “h”, “hour”,  “hours”,  “hr”,  “hrs”.
  • Enhanced system detection and sorting of NudgeMail. It’s all very technical, but NudgeMail basically got smarter about how it recognizing how you, our wonderful users, write your commands. We also updated some key reference points for our system so we can better store and sort your reminders for improved functionality.

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