The easiest way to send yourself reminders!

  • Remember everything!
    Seriously, whether it’s following up on a good lead or picking up your anniversary present, with NudgeMail you have no excuse.

  • Works in your email
    Using NudgeMail is entirely done within email, which is the way you do all of your other work. No need to go to a website, just keep working the way you are used to.

  • No need to register
    NudgeMail has no sign-up or sign-in, no passwords, no usernames, no software, apps, plug-ins, downloads or any other barriers to keep you from setting reminders. It just works.

  • Reduce email clutter
    Inbox clogged with stuff you gotta do later? NudgeMail lets you set reminders by the hour, day, week, month, or even year so you can decide when to deal with important emails.

  • Works on any device
    NudgeMail has been tested with almost every email-capable device in the world. If you can use email, you can use NudgeMail.

  • Works with Google Calendar
    You can use NudgeMail to schedule Google Calendar events and even receive push and SMS notifications of your upcoming NudgeMail reminders!

1Write or Forward any email to NudgeMail

You can set reminders by the minute, hour, day, month, or year!

2NudgeMail sends it back when you want it!

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"If you live your life in email, nothing is better at keeping you on track than NudgeMail"

- Jim Louderback
CEO, Revision 3

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